Our Services

This sections contains useful information on all the services we provide to our families. 

Pre-Need Planning

Don’t be forced to make important decisions under pressure if you don’t have to. We would be honored to assist you and your family in pre-planning the most meaningful and memorable ceremony possible.

Cremation Services with Foster Funeral Home

Whether currently in need or thoughtfully planning in advance, take some time to explore all of your options. Call us if you or a loved one is interested in cremation. For decades, we have been relied on and we are honored to be your professional guide as you plan to commemorate a lifetime.

How Your Funeral Director Can Help You

As one of the only funeral homes Oswego area families have relied on for decades, the directors and staff at Foster Funeral Home, Inc. continue to assist families create meaningful tributes for their loved ones. Our ultimate goal is to provide the necessary resources and requests for a personalized ceremony that’s appropriate to the beliefs, lifestyle, and wishes of those you have grown to love.

Important Information For Survivors

We know it can be difficult selecting funeral homes. You can find comfort knowing Foster Funeral Home, Inc. is able to serve your needs; from basic to elaborate.

Explaining Death to Children

The way you respond when talking to young children about death is determined by your own personal and spiritual views on the topic. The following suggestions will help you explain some practical aspects of what happens when death occurs.