Pre-Need Planning

For some,  it may seem odd to complete your own funeral planning.  Oswego, NY, and area residents who have pre-planned with Foster Funeral Home, Inc. feel a great deal of relief and a sense that a “burden”  has been lifted from them and their families. Although not always possible, end-of-life arrangements are best made ahead of time, before several emotions present themselves.  Pre-planning is also one of the best ways to avoid any possible future confusion. . Don’t be forced to make important decisions under pressure if you don’t have to. We would be honored to assist you and your family in pre-planning the most meaningful and memorable ceremony possible.

We feel it is important to take some time and get together with your family or a close friend.  During your time together, offer your thoughts and explain your wishes explicitly.  Then, allow them to speak and listen to them carefully. Give their ideas special attention. While many people don’t realize it, or wish not to accept it, your funeral will most directly affect your family, and it is essential to take their feelings and wishes into account. Simply stated, although the service is ABOUT you, it is FOR your family.   Once you and your family have come to a consensus, arrange a time to discuss your wishes with one of our funeral directors. You can include your family members if you like. This meeting will serve as an opportunity for open expression.

Once you’ve selected a funeral director and had the opportunity to start discussing your preferences, the next step is to complete the pre-arrangement. Pre-arrangement certainly isn’t a preoccupation with death, but rather a preparation for the inevitabilities of life. By planning ahead, you’ll express to your family a sincere desire to ease assist them from having to make difficult decisions later on. For decades, families have continued to make substantial headway during these discussions.

We have all the proper forms needed for making these arrangements and keep copies on file for safekeeping. You also receive copies to take home and we encourage that you and your family review them periodically or update them as needed. Many individuals decide to fund a portion of their pre-planned ceremony as a last gift to their loved ones. Since finances are a personal and confidential matter, if you or your family is interested in funding options, we will be honored to discuss the various options available. For self-directed funeral planning, Oswego, NY, and area residents choose Foster Funeral Home, Inc.

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